Liberty in 1900. They had left their home in Simberio, a small town in Calabria, Italy and were eager to raise a family in their new home, America. The Barbieres settled in Ishpeming, Michigan where Papa Felicci worked as a miner. They raised 13 children on love, hope and good, homemade food prepared using ageless family recipes from their homeland.

Having such a large family meant all the children had to help prepare the meals. Young Tony, the ninth child, was always eager to help. The Barbiere’s home was quickly known in the neighborhood for its wonderful aroma of Italian food. Mama Concetta made her specials breads toped with butter and sugar while Papa Felicci became known as a master chef.

To assure only the best ingredients went into their dishes, Felicci even raised his own pigs to make special Cudighi sausage. Tony’s classmates wanted to trade their lunches with him, and neighbors always found the Barbiere’s door open to them to join the family for dinner.

At 16, Tony decided to strike out on his own with only a dream and his family’s recipes for possessions. In 1954, Tony opened Mama Mia to invite more families to share in the Barbiere tradition of wholesome, Italian cuisine.

In 1969, Tony married Susan and soon afterward had two sons, Jude and Tony Jr. Today, the Barbiere tradition of good, homemade Italian cuisine is being carried on by our whole family.

To honor the memory of my father Tony, Papa Felicci, and your family, I brought my father’s original logo, recipes and the commitment to making the finest, homemade Italian cuisine to Port Washington and Mequon. Thank you for allowing us to share our food and hospitality with you. You have become part of our heritage, and it gives us great pride that you chose Jude Barbiere’s Mama Mia’s for your dining experience.

We look forward to seeing you again soon. Mangia!